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A message for our customers regarding COVID-19 click here. Please note this supersedes all other website information.

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Our approach to growing our business

At Brend Hotels, we believe that there are four key factors that will drive the future growth of our business:

Satisfied customers. We are all driven by a desire to give our customers an amazing experience at each of our luxury hotels. It is wonderful to see so many of our customers returning again and again. That’s why our directors and managers are out front and meeting our customers as much as possible, so that we can listen to feedback and learn how we can get even better.

Incredibly high standards. We have built a reputation for high quality and attention to detail in all that we do and we set ourselves standards that many other hotels would struggle to match. For example, when we could not find a supplier of curtains that delivered the quality of product we needed, we set up a special department to make our own curtains for all our hotels. This obsession with quality runs through all that we do.

Continuous improvement. We are constantly investing in upgrading our luxury hotels and improving the quality of our facilities. It is a never-ending process.  Because we own all our hotels and are a private, family business, we can take a long term view and we continually invest in better quality amenities for all our customers.

An outstanding team. Customers often tell us that the warmth and attentiveness of our team and the personal service they give is exceptional and unlike anything they have ever experienced.  We encourage all our team to take great personal pride in their work and to treat the business as if it were their own. It is our team that create the unique, welcoming atmosphere at Brend Hotels that our customers love.

While we may decide to acquire further hotels in the future, we are not obsessed with expansion for its own sake. It is far more important to us that we continue to make our existing hotels the best that they can possibly be.

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