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Our four key values

There are specific values that run through all our hotels and restaurants.  These are our Brend family values. Our customers have come to recognise these and know they can rely on experiencing them at any of the luxury hotels in our group. This is all second nature to us, it runs through our veins.

There are four main values that drive us and set us apart from other hotel groups:

We never forget we are in the hospitality business. You will rarely see any our managers in their office.  Our team are always out front talking to our customers and really listening to what they say, so we can make sure they have an amazing time as our guest.

We take real pride. We take huge pride in what we do. At the end of a day, our teams will often get together and talk about how we can make things even better tomorrow. That’s why our customers know they can rely on our quality.

It’s a passion. For our family, this is not just a business, it is our life. We pour our hearts and souls into it every day.

We care for our team as part of the family. We value our team and we take care of them. There is a great camaraderie among the teams at our hotels and this creates a warm and happy environment for all our guests.

As the world changes, our hotels will continue to change and adapt – but these values will continue to drive everything we do well into the future. It is these family values that set us apart from any other luxury hotel group and which keep our customers coming back for more.

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