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Clovelly Lentsherd 2019

A historic Shrove Tuesday event held every year in Clovelly village, Lentsherd is the custom of 'chasing bad spirits away' and 'driving the devil into the sea' before Lent begins.

It's not sure when or how this tradition began, but apparently, the eldest Clovelly residents of 90 years old remember doing it in their childhoods. 

Children are encouraged to take part. At dawn, they start things off by dragging clattering tin cans down the cobbled streets. The incredible noise the tin cans make is said to rid Clovelly of all the bad things.

Upon reaching the harbour, the children’s cans are tied together to be thrown into the Harbour to symbolise the devil being cast out of the village - don't worry, the cans are on a rope and collected again. 

Those taking part receive a free pancake to decorate with toppings at the Red Lion in the harbour, where there is also a lovely selection of bar food should the family like to enjoy food together.  

Entry to the village is free from 4.30pm on Lentsherd, ready for the tin running to begin. 

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