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12 Pancake Topping Ideas

Pile your pancakes with passion this year!

However you pack your pancakes or cram your crêpes, sweet or savoury, these pancake topping ideas will help you get creative in the kitchen this year.

2. Lemon meringue pancakes

Two desserts in one with crunchy meringues mixed in with tangy lemon, sweet cream and tasty pancakes. These little delights are extremely easy to make too!

6. Crêpe Suzette

Keep things light with a low-fat favourite - this simple zesty classic is a quick way to please everyone.

7. Cointreau Pancakes

The simple Crêpe Suzette transformed into a boozy brunch version with a splash of Cointreau.

8. Vegan tomato & mushroom pancake

This vegan or veggie recipe makes for a satisfying brunch or starter. Or top with sliced banana, pecans and vegan ice cream for a dairy-free dessert.

9. American blueberry

The classic American favourite, thicken them up with baking powder and self-raising flour and get liberal with the syrup.

10. Cadbury Creme Egg pancakes

They’re on the shelves already so get all 'gooey' this Easter and make these rich, delicious chocolate pancakes using classic Cadbury Crème Eggs. So more-ish...