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Butter Poached Turkey Breast Recipe

Delight your guests this Christmas with this mouth watering seasonal butter poached turkey breast.


1 Turkey Breast

250g Butter



1. Place a tray of hot water into the oven at 175°C

2. Trim any excess skin, fat and sinew from the turkey

3. Remove the sinew from the fillet

4. Lay out some cling film on a table

5. Season the turkey generously

6. Lay the turkey on the clingfilm, then top with butter and thyme

7. Wrap extremely well in the cling film, you do not want any of the butter or juices to escape

8. Place in the tray of water in the oven and cook for 3-4 hours until it reaches a core temperature of 65°C

9. Remove from the oven and water and allow to rest for 20 minutes

10. Heat a thick based frying pan with sunflower oil

11. Take the turkey out from the clingfilm, reserve all the juices

12. Pat dry the skin, then place into the pan

13. Brown the skin, then add the butter and juices from the turkey and baste

14. Allow to rest for 10 minutes then slice and serve

15. The juices from the pan can also be added to the gravy if desired.