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North Devon Beach Cleans 2018

Beach cleans are quickly becoming a big part of coastal life around the UK with local communities and visiting tourists coming together to help keep our beaches beautiful and North Devon is no exception, read on to find out why you should help and where and when you can get involved.

Why should I attend a beach clean event?

The devastation that single-use plastic in particular is having on our planet is inescapable, but in case you needed some more reasons to motivate you to take action; take a look at just some of these shocking plastic pollution statistics from Surfers Against Sewage (SAS):

• Approx 5000 items of marine plastic pollution have been found per mile of beach in the UK
• Over 150 plastic bottles litter each mile of UK beaches
• Recent studies have revealed marine plastic pollution in 100% of marine turtles, 59% of whales, 36% of seals and 40% of seabird species examined
• 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually

Find more shocking stats on plastic pollution here

Did you know that the North Devon coastline is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? It's one of only 47 in the UK, meaning the area is protected to conserve and enhance its natural beauty. Additionally, Braunton Burrows (which is overlooked by Saunton Sands Hotel) is a Biosphere Reserve. It is one of 669 Reserves in 120 countries as designated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation). The Biosphere Reserves exists to inspire a positive future by connecting people and nature.

With the north of Devon so well preserved and loved, it’s vital that beach cleans and other steps are taken to help maintain the places our regular guests love to holiday in, read on to find out how you can help...

Up-coming Beach Cleans

So far this year, there have been numerous organised beach cleans at Croyde, Woolacombe, Saunton Sands, Northam Burrows, Greencliff and Bucks Mills near Hartland, with more to come throughout the year:

SAS Big Spring Clean - 7th to 15th April 2018
Surfers Against Sewage are a registered charity with the single aim of protecting oceans, beaches and wildlife, making them completely clean, safe and protected for everyone, forever.

The Big Spring Clean is the largest and most effective volunteer beach cleaning project in the UK. The aim is to get as many cleans as possible happening throughout the week, across all of the country.

Saunton Sands
6th May
1st July
2nd August
9th September

Westward Ho!
5th June
7th August
7th October
2nd December

For specific times, meeting points and future events, we recommend visiting and following Plastic Free North Devon Facebook page who regularly post beach clean events. The community group are part of the nation-wide SAS Plastic-Free Coastlines campaign, helping to promote a single-use plastic free life and offer support to and champion local businesses who are helping to wipe out single-use plastics.

Further events will be added to the list through the year and we’re sure there are many more tidy-ups and community events happening, so if you know of any events we could add, contact us through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Can't make it to an event? Do it yourself!

A global campaign, called the 2 Minute Beach Clean, encourages members of the public to spend at least two minutes of their time at the beach picking up as much rubbish as possible and bringing it to a designated point. This is something we could all be doing, imagine if every single person spent two minutes collecting plastic and rubbish everytime we went to the beach?

So whether you live in the area or will be holidaying in North Devon during the Big Spring Clean week (or at some other time of the year), why not give something back to nature and get friends and family to participate in, or organise, a beach clean?

Discover how you can lead your own beach clean.

Without this time and effort from individuals and groups, North Devon would not be such an amazing place to live and visit on holiday. However you help the North Devon beach cleans, it all counts, so thank you.

Find out how Brend Hotels is taking steps to helping the environment however we can.