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Seaweed, lobster, ants - is there anything you can't put in gin? #worldginday

World Gin Day is just around the corner; so what better way to celebrate than to have a look at the weird and wonderful variations the world has to offer... or you could just sip on an ice cold G&T! Either way, it's all about gin here.

Ant Flavoured Gin

The gin flavour that noone has ever requested has arrived: Gin flavoured with ants!

At £200 a bottle, you get a hand selected essence of 62 ants and with only 99 bottles available, you had best snap one up quickly!


Seaweed Gin

In West Wales, seaweed gin is on the drinks menu. Featuring three different sorts: laver, wrack and dulse, it's designed to compliment seafood.

With taster sized bottles from £4.95, maybe it is worth a try!

Order yours here...

Lobster Gin

Packing in 200lbs of fresh lobster per bottle, this gin was designed to 'pair seamlessly with lobster dishes'.

However, animal rights activists worry that the lobsters suffer during their soak, and deem the experiment as wasteful, so maybe it's best avoided if you feel similarly.


Edinburgh's Christmas Gin

This festive limited edition gin was introduced for Christmas 2015 as limited edition, using frankincense, myrrh and nutmeg as botanicals. Due to it being such a success it has made the permenant Edinburgh Gin menu so is available to enjoy all year round! It appears your Christmas may have come early this year!


Celebrate #WorldGinDay with us and experience the South West gin tour at Bar62! You will not be dissapointed with the array of local gins they have to offer, all served with botanicals and Devon tonic water. Sounds like the perfect excuse to us! 🍸