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Happy ‘National Family Business Day’! 

We’re proud to be one of the family firms in the UK today so in order to celebrate National Family Business Day, we thought we’d throw it back to where it all began for Brend Hotels. 

The Brend family have played a prominent role in the life of the West Country for nearly a century. Having run a successful butcher’s shop in Barnstaple since the 1920s, Mr and Mrs Percy Brend built the Exeter Motel in 1955. This Exeter motel was the very first purpose-built motel to be opened in the U.K. This was only the start for the Brend family - little did they know that this passion for hospitality would last for generations to come.

In 1969, the historic Royal Hotel at Bideford was purchased and the company of Percy R Brend (Hoteliers) was formed. The Brend family then went on to build the Park Hotel the following year and purchased The Royal and Fortescue in 1971, the Devon Hotel in 1975 and the Royal Duchy Hotel in Falmouth in 1977.

If you’re familiar with the Brend story, you may have heard that Percy Brend used to visit Saunton Sands Hotel in North Devon when he and his (future) wife, Florence were courting. He promised her that one day he would buy that hotel and in 1977, he finally fulfilled that dream.

As the Brend family gained a reputation for top-quality hotels and the transport links to Devon and Cornwall improved, the family were able to expand their portfolio over the next two decades, with the addition of the following five hotels:

The Family 

As a family business, we’re proud to provide a sense of home to our guests across all 11 of our South West hotels where we are able to continue our family tradition of West Country hospitality, which goes back over 50 years. To date, four generations of the family have been involved in the business and there are still more to come through in future years.

Brend Hotels have an atmosphere and approach which is based on years of welcoming guests, and building relationships with them, thus forming a personal service tailored for you and providing a “home away from home” atmosphere. 

As a family business, it will come as no surprise that “family” is one of our key values. Of course, none of this success would be possible without the exceptional team of staff who are just as committed as the directors are to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all their guests. As the world changes, our hotels will continue to adapt, but our values will remain at the heart of everything we do. It’s these values that set us apart from any other luxury hotel group and which keep our customers coming back for more.

“Growing up in a family business teaches you from a young age the importance of hard work and where it can get you. My Grandparents came from very humble beginnings and through their hard work and dedication, started us on the road to what the Brend Group is today, a leading employer, brand & hotel operator in the South West. Each generation has taken the business to new heights and watching this whilst growing up has filled me with pride & motivated me to follow in their footsteps. Being apart of the third-generation of hoteliers and working alongside like-minded family members, we’re striving to take the company forward at every opportunity and continue its success for many more generations.”

- Matthew Brend, Director

Today, the Brend Group remains very much a hands-on family business. The second and third generations of the Brend family are actively involved in the day to day running of the hotels, and the fourth generation is being trained for future management.

The directors are all immensely proud of their family history and the strong sense of values that have driven their success. It’s crazy to think that when Percy Brend started his hospitality venture more than 65 years ago, his great-grandchildren would soon be following in his footsteps - all driven by a desire to give our guests an amazing experience at each of our 11 luxury hotels.

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