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Brend Hotels

Inside our interiors

All of our interiors and indeed all 11 Brend Hotels, are designed and handmade by our very own interior design team, ensuring that our rooms, apartments and public areas are constantly maintained and improved.  

From the majestic Jubilee Restaurant at the Victoria to the sleek, modern fresh design of Seasons Bar at the Park Hotel in Barnstaple, the iconic art-deco style of Saunton Sands Hotel to the 17th Century Royal Hotel / 62 The Bank building, every inch of each Brend Hotel is designed and created in-house by a team of five sewing technicians, Janet, Eline, Molly, Lynne and Marilyn led by interior designer & purchaser, Eileen Zecchini. 

“Every curtain, scatter cushion, foot-throw and bedding...it’s all sewn in-house by our team. Beyond the soft furnishings, everything you see from the lamps, coffee tables, carpets, beds, bathrooms, paint and mirrors, it’s all selected and purchased in-house.”

Quality is at the forefront of all our interiors, all our beds are pocket sprung, all the bedding is 100% percale (the finest cotton with a very high thread count) and the finest fabrics are used for our curtains. 

How it all began

The Brend family had the vision of creating all the interiors in-house thirty years ago, thus the interior design department was born at The Imperial Hotel, Barnstaple in 1999 with Eileen at the helm. The first work room was set up in a large room at the top of the hotel with one in-house worker and two ladies outside making and sewing. 

“It was a clever idea because if you go outside it can take 8 to 12 weeks for delivery so it made sense to bring it in-house”. 

With the growth of the company, naturally, the department grew too and required a larger space, so the team moved to the Park Hotel, where the room still resides today. 

Inspiration/The design

Eileen works alongside the family as a selection of design schemes are formulated, they are then presented to the directors for the final selection. 

This year, 6 rooms were refurbished at the Victoria Hotel and were inspired by fluid colours with light oak wood, neutral carpets, trying to bring the outside in all the while maintaining the traditional design but using modern colour concepts. 

All the sofas at the Victoria were handmade and due to the quality, have been reupholstered in order to keep the authentic look and feel of great British craftsmanship and avoid needlessly throwing away outdated furniture.