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Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender pay gap report 2024 for Percy R Brend & Sons(Hoteliers) Limited - trading as Brend Collection


The mean gender pay gap

The median gender pay gap3.4%5.0%
The mean bonus gender pay gap27.6%23.7%
The median bonus gender pay gap33.3%33.3%
The proportion of males receiving a bonus16.5%16.8%
The proportion of females receiving a bonus14.2%



For the year 2024  
Top quartile63.2%36.8%
Second quartile49.0%51.0%
Third quartile38.2%61.8%
Fourth quartile37.5%62.5%

The mean and median gender pay gap above is well below the national average for the accommodation and food sector. We recognise that the proportion of male and female employees in the top quartile falls short of where we would like to be, but historically this is reflective of the industry sector.

We, at the Brend Collection, are committed to achieving a diverse team in all our varying roles within the company. We are focused on recruitment, career development and training to improve the percentage of women in all senior positions within the company. It will take time for the figures in the top quartile to become more balanced, as the senior roles do not historically change that regularly.

I confirm that the figures disclosed above in our gender pay gap report for 2024 are accurate and have been calculated in accordance with the gender pay gap reporting requirements.

John Brend - Managing Director

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